Plant a Tree With EnergySage

We'll plant a tree when you sign up for community solar 

Seed a greener future.

Here at EnergySage, we‘re passionate about safeguarding our environment and helping people make small steps to work towards a sustainable future. Going solar is part of that equation, but there's more we can do to amplify our impact.

That's why we've teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects to help restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty by employing local people to plant and protect trees in deforested areas.

Now, when you sign up for community solar using our marketplace, EnergySage will plant a tree to help fight climate change, reverse habitat loss for endangered species, create jobs, and alleviate poverty.

How it works: 

  1. Search a for community solar farm in your area by filling our the form on this page.
  2. Select a farm that best meets your needs.
    (We recommend you look for one with high annual savings and favorable cancelation terms.)
  3. Follow the steps from EnergySage and our community solar partners to complete your subscription.
  4. Our partners at Eden Reforestation project will plant a tree in an area in need.

Find A Community Solar Farm In Your Area

Don’t see any projects listed in your area? You can sign up to be notified about new projects opening up. Community solar is expanding rapidly across the country, with new projects being added to the Community Solar Marketplace all the time. 

What is community solar?

Community solar allows electric utility customers to save on their electricity bills by subscribing to local solar farms. Anyone who pays an electric bill can sign up and start saving, no roof required. That means renters, environmentalists, condo dwellers – you all can go solar. Here are a few of the reasons we love community solar:

  • Free (and easy) to join, free to cancel
  • Save up to 15% on your annual electric bill
  • No panels or or equipment required

Learn more about community solar

How community solar works

About our partner

Eden Reforestation Projects is on a mission to offer the dignity of fair employment to people living in impoverished communities, who become transformational agents of global forest restoration. Eden works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Want to learn more?

As always, our Energy Advisors are here to answer any questions you have about community solar, our Plant-a-Tree project, or any thing else thats on your mind. 

If you want to learn more, reach out to our community solar advisors



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